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How to Select the Best Golf Shoes

crocsgolfshoesIn order for you to know how to select golf shoes that are best suited to your needs, you need to understand what golf shoes are and what purpose they serve when you are on a golf course. Golf shoes are used in golf courses and are mainly identified by spikes made of either metal or plastic that are attached across the sole. However, metal spiked golf shoes have lost popularity because they damage the greens thus most course owners have banned people from using them. Plastic spikes have become more dominant and there have been various in-genuine designs that will suit your needs depending on your swing.

There several elements that you have to consider when selecting the best golf shoes, if you will follow these tips, then golfing will remain a fun filled experience.

Consider the type of spikes the shoes have:

If you choose a shoe with metal spikes you will have such a hard time playing golf. Since metal spikes are rarely allowed in most golf courses, playing with them on can be a challenging affair not to mention the intricate and time consuming process one has to undergo while replacing metal spikes. Plastic spikes especially soft_spikes are universally allowed on golf courses and deliver suitable traction on the course. These type of spikes can also be replaced very easily.

Consider the size of the shoes:

For you to get the best golf shoes , you must wear a pair that fits you right because you will be walking and swinging around the course for the whole day. If you get a shoe that is bigger or smaller, you will get blisters due to the immense pressure that upon your feet. Your swing will also be affected since you will not be comfortable and your feet will not have a proper grip with the shoe if it’s bigger in size. It is also advisable that you physically measure your feet since the best golf shoes are those that fit you perfectly.

TaylorMade Golf BagsConsider the comfort of the shoes:

Once you have found the shoe that fits you, the next step is to ensure that it is comfortable. For a golf shoe to be really comfortable, it should be cushioned correctly and at the right places so that you don’t stress your feet. The best golf shoes are those that have a soft cushion, a densely cushioned sole to prevent shock, an elaborately padded_tongue that will ensure your tendons are not irritated and a roomy toe_box that will not irritate your toes. If you have a comfortable pair of shoes, carrying your golf clubs on the course will be easier.  One of the most comfortable brands of golf bags are Nike Golf Bags. Nike golfing bags are known to be very easy to carry, and will fit most types of golfing footwear in them.

Consider the flexibility of the shoes:

The best golf shoes are those that are flexible and are extremely maneuverable when you are walking or swinging. This will help in ensuring that your shoes will last longer since if the shoes are too firm, they will gradually spoil. If the shoes are flexible, your mobility is assured. To test if the shoes are flexible, take a shoe and curl the heel with your right hand and with your left, curl the front specifically at the toes.

Consider the waterproof capability of the shoes:

Most golfers are prone to getting athlete’s foot because of using golf shoes that are not fully waterproof. The best golf shoes are those that are entirely waterproof since there will be instances where you will be playing when it is raining or even early in the morning when the grass will still be wet. Most leather shoes are waterproof but expensive compared to the cheaper but less effective shoes made from synthetic leather. Make sure you use a high quality golf ball like Bridgestone Golf Balls when you play. They make it easier when you play in wet conditions.

Consider the breathing capability of the shoes:

The best golf shoes are those that will guarantee that your feet have ample breathing space. If breathing is impeded, you will be very uncomfortable and your performance in the course will be greatly affected.

Consider the design of the shoes:

Most golfers prefer their shoes having a specific and unique shoe design that can be identified with them. When looking at designs, you can choose between wide varieties of colors available like having a pair that is multicolored and really fashionable. Most golf shoe manufacturers offer the option of having custom shoes, like the pair might have your own logo or name inscribed to it or even the color scheme of your preference. Though having custom golf shoes is expensive, it is worth it because apart from giving you comfort and performance it will also be a source of envy from your golfing friends.

Consider the width of the shoes:

The best golf shoes are those that are a little wider. It is advisable that you use a shoe measuring chart which will ensure that you get the right width of your feet in order to get one best suited for you.

Consider the shoe material

Though this is not a key element to consider, it is advisable that you take note of the shoes you are buying. The best golf shoes are those that are made of leather because they are waterproof, breathable and are more durable compared to shoes made from synthetic leather which are less breathable, less waterproof and don’t last longer. The disadvantage with leather shoes is that they are quite expensive compared to synthetic leather ones.

Consider the price of the shoes:

Most of the best golf shoes are quite expensive but there are some cheaper and lightweight brands that will provide comfort and performance. Most of the expensive golf shoes go for 120-130$ while the cheaper ones range from 60-80$. The price will also depend on what the shoe is made of as seen above. Most golf shoes made from leather are really expensive but they will last for long as compared to half – leather shoes. When buying the best golf shoes it is advisable that you look for a pair with most of the features listed above and one within your price range.

The following tips will really help you in selecting the best golf shoes that fit your preference since the best golf shoes are those that ensure that you are comfortable and you have the best performance in the golf course.

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